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Ok here it goes ! I have been debating to post this for a while ! I started this journey over a year ago with so many doubts and excuses as I had tried every diet in the book in the past and never worked ! I never saw myself as fat and to those who know me they know how much I lack confidence 😂when I was forced to try the inferno from my dear and close friend , I had no idea what to expect and I had no goals I just knew that I needed a change as my unhealthiness was affecting my every day life ! As we were greeted by Bryan he said we should try it for a couple of days , we started that day and when we were stretching after the warm up I turned to my friend and asked if we were done lol ! I don’t think I did 10% of that class , I was so out of shape and I was so busy looking at how great everyone else was doing , and there goes Bryan Dennison saying don’t worry about what anyone else is doing just do your own best !!! Those words have stuck with me during this awesome journey ! I am doing my own best every day and loving to progress I have made excited for what’s to come ! I can not tell you how much weight I have lost as I swore to myself that I will not be defined by a scale , but I can tell you what I have gained , a happy and healthy life as it has made me be a better mother , a better sister and a better friend ! I have gained so many amazing people who motivate me everyday !My group training warriors@ Stojanovic Joco N Elsie Leah Behrens Gina Iaquinta-Alb Shannon Lee Jim Davis Helen Piatkowski Tara Dowdell-Day the most amazing trainer Bryan who I am so greatful he decided to pursue his dreams and has forever changed my life ! During this journey I have struggled and continue to struggle some days but somehow I always find my car driving me to my happy place as we call it in our household ! To anyone who is new to the inferno and is doubting themselves , 80% of your progress is showing up , Do not quit and you will end up loving and craving those workouts , even leg day lol ! Bryan and Shannon thank you for putting up with me I know I can be annoying at times 😂😂 but I am forever grateful for all that you do !