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Well, I too need to get over being shy, so here is my fitness story. Bryan, I had said I was never going to post these on fb, but gotta just do it! Just like my first bootcamp class at the Inferno back in 2010 (approximately that time) on Provincial Road. I needed to do something about my weight for some time, I was weighing in at approximately 360 lbs, the year prior. At that time, I needed to get over being shy about coming in and doing a class by myself, nobody would join me! I was meeting people who were at the same fitness level that I was at, getting a fantastic workout and sometimes not able to make it to the end of some classes, but that was in the beginning! Well, after my first few classes, I was hooked! Fast forward to 2012, I got injured, found out I have severe osteoarthritis in my knee and had severely damaged my meniscus, great! Doctor informed me that I should consider swimming and not continue with any bootcamp classes, avoid stairs and wear a knee brace if I wanted to do any activities. Hmmm, well, I didn’t listen to my doctor, entirely. 🙂 I continued with boxing classes and TRX, avoided any jumping, running, squats, bootcamp classes, and wore my knee brace during classes. Bryan worked with me by giving me alternatives to what he was instructing so that I could at least do something and get a good work out in. I didn’t want to leave the Inferno! Fast forward to December 2015 to January 2016, Bryan introduced personal training. I thought about it, was scared to death to try it. It was only 6 sessions at that time, how hard could it be? Yeah right, not going to lie, it hurt like hell to walk the next day, pick up my coffee cup and even blow dry my hair! But, during that time, Bryan worked with me, pushing me to get that “give me one more good one” in and suggested that I didn’t need to wear my knee brace any more. It was tough, but I was going to do it, at least finish the 6 sessions! I stopped wearing my knee brace back in January 2016. Fast forward to today, I am continuing with group personal training, which I just love my group (Leah, Jim, Alida, Beth, and Cathy) and TRX. Slowly getting stronger, able to walk the next morning (most days, depending on what Bryan has up his sleeve!), jogging during the warm ups, some squats, step-ups on the box, even with both feet at the same time! I am getting closer to losing ½ of me, still more to go! 🙂 The pictures were taken in July 2015 and August 2016. During that time, I lost 4 inches in my chest, 3.5 inches in my waist, 9 lbs, 3.5% fat loss and gained 2.5% muscle. Since I began this journey in 2010, to date I’ve lost approximately 166 lbs. and still going! I cannot THANK you enough Bryan, you ROCK! 🙂 For the continuous great training and always getting that f#@%^&* extra one in! The Inferno is the place to be for anyone’s fitness journey, great classes, trainers, atmosphere and great warriors!