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Katie M.

My fitness story:

Okay- I am not usually the type to share my story but in the spirit of inspiring someone who may need it… here goes.

I started coming to the inferno in November 2015. I was literally shaking with nerves as I walked through the door and lovely sparkly Tara greeted me so warmly. I had never been the type of person who worked out or went to any gym and my intention was for a short term weight loss fix- 3 months and done kind of thing. That first boot camp was really intense and I remember feeling really vulnerable and embarrassed about my fitness level but then Shannon came over to demonstrate a few things and offer some kind words. As I was leaving that morning I said to Bryan “that was really difficult” and he responded “yeah, but you did it!”

Fast forward a year and a half and its safe to say this gym has become such a positive part of my healthy and happy lifestyle. The physical changes are evident: but its difficult for me to look back at old pictures- not because of the way I look in them but because of how I felt about myself in them. I used to have a hateful relationship with my body, I resented everything I ate and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I was horrified by pictures of myself. I would get off the scale and cry and feel guilty- all day that number would follow me like a little raincloud over my head.

The most wonderful thing I got from the inferno was the positive relationship I now have with my body. Instead of looking at my body as a thing to be ashamed of I celebrate how fast it can run, and how high it can jump and how AMAZING it feels after I push it to the very limit. Fitness has become a way of rewarding my body instead of a punishment for what I ate (or drank!). Its a work in progress and some days are better than others- but I have come so far from that first picture.

I know now that there is NOTHING wrong with the way I look in ANY of these pictures, and that fitness is about sustaining a journey that enhances your life. When I walk in to the gym I am inspired by everyone there working so hard to be a better version of themselves. I feel I am a part of a community of awesome, hard working, strong, talented, and fun individuals and I am SO grateful for it.

I can be painfully shy at times- so if you see me around and want to chat about your own fitness/body positive journey… or if you just want to talk about the weather, I would be happy to chat!

Thank you Bryan for all that you do every day to make this place amazing!