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Samantha Q.

I have been going to Bryan’s for a lonnnng time…since he had just started at Provincial and the classes were small (maybe 4 or 5 yrs? I dunno how long it’s been lol). At first I was MAJORLY intimidated! I am a plus sized gal and the words ‘boot camp’ to me just screamed “you gotta be fit to do this”. But, I figured I’d give it a try and go at my own pace. I didn’t do everything (I still fizzle out in sets & do the lower impact for a lot of exercises), but I got thru it and was hooked…and so was everyone else! I watched the classes quickly grow in size and was proud to be part of the successes of the Inferno.

I WILL be the ‘reality check’ voice for you though and say it begins with you. Over the years, in true Samantha fashion, I have yo yo’d in weight and when I am ON…eating right & using the benefits of The Inferno…I lose weight and feel awesome. Unfortunately I’ve fallen off the wagon a ton of times, don’t go for sometimes a few months, make unhealthy food choices, and then I am sad and feeling horrible.

At the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself that I would stop the yo yoing and just FINALLY lose the weight for GOOD. Everything else in my life is good, I just need this final piece! No more falling off the wagon and no more wasting my membership at The Inferno by not going! I mean, how can you not wanna go to a place that makes you feel accomplished, amazing, stong, and most of all, surrounds you with wonderful motivating people like Bryan, Shannon, Tara, Helen, and all of the other great people I’ve met.

So far, I have lost 21.8 lbs since the beginning of the year (see progress pic). I am far from my goal, but I am trecking along 😊 With my motivation, detemination & the help of a wonderful place like Bryan’s, I know that number will only continue to grow (and I’ll shrink lol). I can’t always make the classes, so I supplement with the gym, but I always crave an Inferno class every chance I can get there. It just isn’t the same without it!

Thank you Bryan & everyone at the Inferno for such a positive place that welcomes everyone…all ages, sizes, etc and offers specialized fitness for one of the CHEAPEST prices I’ve personally seen in the city. The Inferno rocks and will always be my go-to in this journey 😊