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Bryan’s Fitness Inferno – regardless of its daunting name – has been a safe haven for my umpteenth attempt to stay fit. I have always struggled with poor eating habits and maintaining the motivation to practice an active lifestyle. Years of gym memberships, workout videos, diet fads, etc., proved ineffective and I wasn’t able to commit for an extended period of time. Bryan’s is the first fitness venture I’ve committed to for over two years. The body transformations and results are addicting. The atmosphere is electric. The fellow members and trainers are inspirational and embrace your efforts by sharing their own journeys. I have never felt so welcomed and met such energetic people in our city. You would never think I could walk out of a place dripping sweat and limping to my car all with a smile on my face. I owe my discovery of Bryan’s to my best friend that is more or less an addict of this establishment. Her strict attendance keeps me in check and you find that the guilt of missing a class is the driving force behind your endurance – a side effect known as “Bryan’s Withdrawals” (look it up). I owe Bryan’s and its amazing staff many thanks for boosting my energy, confidence and overall happiness with my well-being and new found appreciation towards working out. It may seem the classes are torture at first glance (they are) but the sense of accomplishment after being able to finish an entire set without stopping is worth every ache. Bryan’s Fitness Inferno is THE place to get “fired up” and keep that flame burning.